MTH Plus

Moringa Total Health Plus (MTH+) is a complete, comprehensive, natural, vegan formula providing a potent blend of organic nutrient-dense Moringa oleifera and the world’s most powerful superfoods. This dietary supplement blend of the highest-grade organic Moringa Oleifera and low dose base L-Arginine with other plant-based ingredients triggers the production of healthful Nitric-Oxide in the body, and provides the body with all the physiologically dynamic nutrition needed. For the energy plus factor Guarana is added. Guarana has been used by Amazonian tribes for its therapeutic effects and is a source of natural caffeine. Guarana is known for its ability to reduce fatigue, boost energy, better and much more. Moringa oleifera has the ability to positively transform the current status of health of the world by supplying every aspect of nutrition. Consistent use of MTH+ has demonstrated an ever decreasing value of internal age based on a cardiologist-designed algorithm.


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